1987 Cités cinés

The portrayal of towns in fiction films Many a cinema-lover will nostalgically recall this exhibition. It marked a change in the approach to scenography. It was the first time that an exhibition of this size was made into a show, swallowing up the audience into a world at the frontiers of fiction beyond the screen. Amidst sets from over twenty major films assembled like a town, 17 cinema halls opened one onto another, propelling the spectator into the producers' imagination. Griffith, Fritz Lang, Rossellini, Lubitsch, Billy Wilder, Terry Gilliam and many more shared their visions of the city with the public. This exhibition used the infrared head set as an all time first, opening up new perspectives widely exploited ever since for incorporating audio-visual technology into scenography.
Maître d'ouvrage
Ministère de la culture
Exposition itinérante
1 300 000 visiteurs
Entre 5 000 m2 et 10 000 m2
4 millions €
Lieu (ville et pays)
Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris (1987-1989), Halle des Floralies, Gand, Belgique (1989), Palais de la civilisation, Montréal, Canada (1989-1990)