2000 Turin National Cinema Museum

A museum in the heart of Turin with an exceptional collection and designed exhibition areas The Mole Antonelliana, built in the centre of Turin in the 19th century, is an architectural curiosity. It was the highest building in the world until the Eiffel Tower. Originally intended as a synagogue, the moribund Jewish community finally donated it to the town. It was empty until Maria Adriana Prolo died and the town inherited her fabulous collection. Probably the most magnificent collection of pre-cinema, cinema and photography related objects, posters, and souvenirs… After a few local quarrels among architects, Turin Town Council awarded us the project in November 1998 imposing record deadlines. A touch of humour to highlight the former religious vocation of the building and we transformed it into a temple of cinema with its own series of chapels on a variety of themes. Visitors can live the history of cinema as it tells its own story in more than forty film projections.Turin, Italie, 2000
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Fabrizio Sabelli, consultant - Studio LL.TT, scénographes
500 à 600.000 visiteurs / an
environ 3 200 m2
7,5 millions €
Lieu (ville et pays)
Mole Antonelliana, Turin, Italie