2015 Chaplin’s World

Tribute to Charlie Chaplin and "Charlot" This Museum was inaugurated in April 2016 in Vevey (Switzerland) in the Manor where he lived from 1953 when ousted from the States by McCarthyism. In the Manor itself, we will celebrate the man, the father, the humanist, his numerous and famous friends but also more modest people. In a new and half buried building in the Park, we will evoke the Tramp (Charlot in French), the actor, director and music composer. The scenography will proposes a very immersive journey, surrounded with surprising wax figures giving the feeling that the visitors are among the guests of the house…Humor being a major structuring element.
Maître d'ouvrage
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Philippe Meylan et Yves Durand, Culturetech et Les Crayons
3000 m².
40 millions €
Lieu (ville et pays)
Vevey, Suisse