2019 Automobile Museum Shanghai

This museum was conceived by the German scenographer Uwe Brückner. Beginning 2019, the direction of the Museum decided to have redone the Galleries of the third floor, dedicated to the technic of automobiles and launched a competition between 4 international agencies, of which Alphabeth. No specific program was proposed to the candidates: we thus elaborated ours drawing, a statement of passed, present and the future of technics linked to the history of automobiles. Do bring our usual dose of humour we dived into scientific magazines of the 50’s to show the future we were promised. And to show that we are moving into a new era, we proposed that during the inauguration, a Rolls Royce would shoot down from 30m high ceiling for a spectacular media sensation crash.
Maître d'ouvrage
Museum of Auto Shanghai
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Alphabeth Agency, LLTT Agency, 2D3D Agency
2500 m2
5 millions euros
Lieu (ville et pays)