2015 TV cités

No museum in the world today really sheds good light on the world of television. This project is an initiative of our agency. The idea is not to exhibit old TVs but to reflect on the impact of television broadcasts on French society and on the whole world, their effects on the relations between the various peoples, the influence of images and their ability to sway public opinion. Of course, the museum will tell the history of television, starting with the idealistic dreams of certain foregoers such as Jules Verne or illustrator Robida. It will also explore all sorts of facets such as the process of transforming people into stars, reality shows, the News phenomenon, advertising, sport and the future of images, etc. More than just a museum, it will be a significant element in extending thought on an extraordinary tool about which, so far, hindsight is a bit too short. It is therefore all abouta museographic and scenographic approach, very different from a traditional Museum.
14 millions €
4 000 m2
Maître d'ouvrage
SCI Bassin du Nord
Musée permanent, conception de la Muséographie et de la Scénographie