1992 Discovery Pavilion, Sevilla 92 World Expo

The history of discoveries from 1492 to modern times Seville, Spain, 1992 A trip around the world of discovery This pavilion was one of the four theme pavilions proposed by Spain. To celebrate five centuries of discovery and conquest, deliberately disproportionate staging and a concoction of museum exhibits, decors, projections and special effects conjured up a strongly symbolic visit itinerary. Those who visited the Universal exhibition in Seville in 1992 will remember the black silhouettes of the giant chimney sweeps on the Discovery Pavilion. Burnt to the ground in half an hour just two months before the opening of the exhibition, this pavilion was the result of three years of unwavering work, enthusiasm and passion. A museography and scenography team of 60 people saw their enthusiasm instantly burn down to ashes... But the Project of the Museum of Laughter was on the horizon!
Maître d'ouvrage
Expo 92 Sevilla
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Jean-Pierre Duval, architecte et scénographe
Exposition universelle
5 000 m2
11,9 millions €
Lieu (ville et pays)
Site de l’Expo’92, Séville, Espagne