1996 Cinéma Avenue

Towns in fiction films Cinema Avenue was one of four large-scale exhibitions held by Tokyo Town Hall despite the famous cancellation of the World City Exhibition. In November 1995, the Japanese capital asked François Confino to design and implement an exhibition on towns in fiction films... that was due to take place seven months later! Impossible is not a word that the French, the Canadians or the Japanese take seriously! The plans were finished in France by the end of December. The sets and film mixes were ready in Montreal at the end of March 1996. The whole lot was shipped to Tokyo in 24 containers on 19th May and the opening ceremony went off as planned. The extremely popular theme drew in crowds calling for tight visitor-flow control and attendance forecasts were largely surpassed.
Maître d'ouvrage
Ville de Tokyo
Exposition itinérante
300 000 visiteurs en 2 mois
3 000 m2
6 millions $US
Lieu (ville et pays)
Centre International d’Exposition, Tokyo, Japon