2000 Time for time

Inaugural exhibition for the reopening of the Centre Pompidou enrolled in the official celebration program of year 2000 by France, the exhibtion " Le Temps, vite " marks the reopening of Beaubourg. This reflection on the times that passes by, the time that stops, the speeding up of time, the time taking its own time gathers 400 works chosen under the direction of Daniel Soutif, exhibition commissioner in a translucent scenography accompanying as a gentle mist and in humility, paintings, sculptures, photos, films and musical works. It punctuates the passing time since the exhibition " Archéologie de la ville " other reflection on time that Confino (and Co) had conceived with the New York Group Haus-Rucker Inc., for the inauguration of the centre in 1977. The wandering leads it to Rome and Barcelona. For once (!) our scenographic approach was discreet and humble.
Maître d'ouvrage
Centre Pompidou
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Heiner Goebbels , réalisation musicale intégrée à la scénographie - Gérald Karlikow, réalisation lumière
800 000 visiteurs
2 200 m2
300 000 €
Lieu (ville et pays)
Niveau 6, Galerie 1, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France