2019 Chillon Fort Classifies Defence

For the past few years, the Swiss Army has been selling its Military Forts to private buyers who transform them into wine cellars, hotels, and cheese shops. In 2018, the association « Fort de Chillon » contacted us to transform one of these Forts situated opposite the sumptuous Chillon Castle, hidden in the hillside, into a Museum of History of Swiss Military. It’s one of the grand Forts built in 1941 and in activity up until the end of the 90’s. The project management having a touch of audacity and humour, we were authorized to adopt a second and third degree scenography. Visitors will have the impression of walking through a Fort full of activity thanks to an innovating cinematographical technic. Inauguration: June 2020
Maître d'ouvrage
Association « Fort de Chillon »
Maîtrise d'œuvre
Architecture: AEC Architectes Agency
Project management: Explosition Agency and Alphabeth Agency
Technic: Culturetech
1800 m2
2,8 millions for the scenography