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L.A. Light-Motion-Dreams

Los Angeles, USA, 2004-05

An original look at the strange relation between L.A. and nature.
A temporary test exhibition to see how the public reacts before the entire transformation of the Natural History Museum. After two years dashing backwards and forwards from France to L.A., François and his accomplices, Les Crayons, conjured up a subjective portrait of the incredible L.A. as a city and its relations with the natural environment, omnipresent in the ocean, the hills, the mountains and even animals - like coyotes, the secret explorers of Hollywood's luxury villas by night, drinking from swimming pools at night and tucking into unwary cats…

type of achievement  Temporary exhibition
client  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
partners  Peter Gale, consultant
Peter Kirby, audio-visual production
T.B.Y and M2C1 Montreal, production
location  Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, USA
attendance  1 million visitors per year
floor space  900m2
for scenography 
US$1.7 million

Bird's eye view