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Funny Stories

Montreal, Canada, 1993

Comedy through the ages
The exhibition was held in downtown Montreal at the Laughter Museum, five storeys of a former brasserie.
Trying to confine laughing can be a dangerous exploit. To kindle the spark that triggers off a smile, the visit itinerary had to play on surprise and push the visitors' curiosity as far as it can go.
In a labyrinth of settings, the scenography of this exhibition-show manufactures giggles by conjuring up unexpected misunderstandings and changes. The juxtaposition of very contrasted spaces keeps people hovering between morbid humour, tender fun, bursts of laughter and sarcastic grins.

type of achievement  Permanent museum
client  International Academy of Comedy, Montreal
production  Rozon - Juste Pour Rire
location  International Museum of Laughter, Montreal,  Canada
attendance  300 000 visitors in 2 years
floor space  3 000m2
for scenography 
US$2.2 million

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