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Paris is free

Paris, France, 25th august 1994

Parade and light show for the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris
An original form of commemoration, unfolding a 4-kilometre long moving theatre, where actors carried their own lighting and sound systems, Résistants led the way for army tanks, and war veterans mingled with 800 cycling extras and 400 elated young actors...
A large-scale, live attraction that had to compete with the challenge of fleeting sensations: a one night stand for enthusiastic Parisians, while contrasting trends marked the audience in the stalls: François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Edouard Balladur.
A work of art about feelings and memories, but also an up-to-date portrayal of resistance and courage.

type of achievement  Parade
client  The City of Paris
partner  France 2 television
production  Mairie de Paris
location  From Porte d' Orleans to the Mairie de Paris
audience  15 million television-watchers
for scenography 
€1.8 million

The riot