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The Audi Pavilion-Autostadt

Wolfsburg, Germany, 2000

A 3-D presentation of the spirit of Audi
Autostadt is a very ambitious project launched by Ferdinand Piech, Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen. He wanted to build a sort of car town (Autostadt in German) at Wolfsburg factory in North Germany.
The different automobile manufacturers: Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, (and soon Bugatti) have a pavilion each and there is also a museum, a luxury hotel, and lots of restaurants,…
For the Audi pavilion, we decided to lead the visitor into the workshop and loft of a sculptor who has a passion for cars and is in love with the Audi TT coupé. From Max and Klara's work and living space transpires an aura of quality, refinery, and the love of beautiful things… in other words the spirit of Audi. In the basement, there is a surprise: a fleeting appearance (a few seconds) of an entirely new, extremely powerful Audi: the 16 cylinder Rosemeyer…

type of achievement  The Volkswagen Automobile Attraction Park
client  Audi Autostadt
partner  Jochen Hunger, architect
co-production  Confino&Co
AlphaBeth GmbH (our German subsidiary)
location  Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany
attendance  2 million visitors during the first year
floor space  1 500m2
for scenography 
& architecture 
€5.1 million

The pavilion from the outside