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Suzhou Science Museum

Suzhou, China, 2005-08

A philosophical look at science stressing the part played by Imagination in Discovery.
A Science Museum unlike all the others based on an oriental, philosophic approach to the sciences.
In the entrance hall, the Museum will be emphasizing the limits of scientific knowledge today and the limits a museum has when explaining science.
We shall be making an attempt to unify scientific principles and highlight links between different theories and realities instead of fragmenting western, especially anglo-saxon concepts.
It will show which languages all scientists share and how difficult it is to be an observer and observed at the same time…
The star feature of the museum will be its cosmic roller-coaster time ladder.

type of achievement  Permanent museum
client  Suzhou Town and Province Councils
partners  Les Crayons (Uzès), scenography
Fabrizio Sabelli (Rome), Ann Gaud Mc Kee (Geneva), Jean-Claude Pont (Geneva),  scientifical consultants
Stéphane Moullet (Paris), infographiste
Patrick Abrial (Paris), musical production
location  Suzhou city (100km from Shanghai), China
attendance  2 to 3 million visitors per year
floor space  8 500m2
for scenography 
US$24 million

Cosmic danse