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Design and construction of the restaurant

Turin National Cinema Museum, Italy, 2003

This Museum, designed by ourselves and inaugurated in 2000, was in need of a restaurant.
It was just the place for a nudge and a wink to the world of film-making, so in the middle of the restaurant, there is a long, long table to seat groups of all sizes.
Customers can have fun choosing from the menu on the monitors built into the enormous Plexiglas table top that never-endingly changes shade. They can also watch film excerpts.
And there are special tables surrounded with translucent netting so that lovers can eat eye-to-eye and out of sight…

type of achievement  Restaurant and shop
client  National Cinema Museum
partner  J.F. Salieri, lighting design
location  National Cinema Museum, Turin, Italy
floor space  300m2
for scenography 
& architecture 
€500 000

The luminous tables