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A trip to Wonderland

Tokyo, Japan, 1997

The hidden world of Hermès and the secrets of its museum
Everything started during a surrealist meeting in July 1996 with Jean-Louis Dumas, the President of Hermes, and suggestions of coloured women carrying dishes, green mares and exquisite corpses.
This gave birth to an anti-exhibition where closed doors were smashed down, Kelly bags went transparent, 2CVs were transformed into love hideaways and golf balls were hurled at priceless pieces of china...
The Hermes image took on a youthful tint. The honourable designer house had decided to step out of the trodden beat...

type of achievement  Travelling exhibition
client  Hermes
production  Hermes Japan
locations  Sezon Museum, Tokyo,  4 other locations in Japan
attendance  115 000 visitors in 10 weeks
floor space  1 000m2
for scenography 
€1.1 million

The large tente