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High Flight

Montreal, Canada, 1995

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) 50th anniversary exhibition:
The history of civil aviation

From Icarus to the conquest of space, the story of civil aviation relived: the magical world of things that are heavier than air staged with spectacular resources.
Supported by the aeronautics industry, the story told by these marvellous flying adventurers was illustrated in an exhibition taking the form of a show that invited visitors beyond the normal limits, letting them explore otherwise forbidden places.
This exhibition was one of Montreal's cultural milestones in 1995.

type of achievement  Travelling exhibition
client  The City of Montreal - the ICAO
production  Nouvelle Societe du Palais de la Civilisation
technical production  TBY Inc.
location  Bon secours Market, Montreal, Canada
attendance  280 000 visitors in 8 months
floor space  3 500m2
for scenography 
US$2.4 million

Exhibition entrance