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Satie's houses

Honfleur, France, 1998

A musical course in Satie’s world
No relics or commemorations, but a hint of nostalgia as the soul of Satie returns to his birthplace in Honfleur and his eccentric, fantasy world.
Years of research, masses of documentation and the advice of the best specialists on Satie's work and life have turned this house into a journey of discovery. Music dominates the unusual, comic scenography amidst a maze of meanders formed by the different rooms. All the eccentric, touching aspects of Satie's character are portrayed both to the eyes and to the ears.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of the initiator, Nicolas Seydoux, some extremely innovative techniques have been used on this project, both in projection and control, and in sound diffusion and pick-up.

type of achievement  Permanent museum
client  Fondation Satie
partners  H. Hemon, architect
Catherine Addor-Confino, scenographer
location  The birthplace of Erik Satie, Honfleur, France
floor space  500m2
for scenography 
€910 000

Satie at dawn and Satie at dusk