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The Movie Train

France, 1990

The cinema's greatest scenes on transport
Following on from Cites-Cines, the French National Railway Corporation (SNCF) ordered a Cinema Train, a travelling exhibition to attract cinema lovers to railway stations all over France.
In a mischievous manner, it evoked all sorts of transport taken from fiction films, except the train! Sets, film mixes, an old passenger plane taken to pieces and put together again and cars cut in two. The whole lot was combined with tricks of the trade and mirror effects to represent the inside of a real caravel, the weightlessness inside a space craft and the repetitive, chock-a-block area of a parking lot.
The train atmosphere was still present, symbolised by a luxury sleeper car with suggestive decors and a honeymoon atmosphere.

type of achievement  Travelling exhibition
client  SNCF
technical production  TBY Inc.
location  SNCF, 5 carriages, 16 towns all over France
attendance  140 000 visitors in 3 weeks
floor space  300m2
for scenography 
€530 000

The car