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Expo 2000, Theme Park

Hannover, Germany, 1996-98

11 themes about nature, man and technology...
The Universal Exhibition of the year 2000 was designed to be the largest of its kind and the most visionary as mankind entered the third millennium.
François Confino was appointed Artistic Director of all 11 theme pavilions in December 1996.
This mammoth-sized task united Confino & Co and Rozon in a new company, AlphaBeth, whose offices are still on the same premises as Confino & Co. Laying the first bricks of this gigantic venture, the 20-strong staff of AlphaBeth produced a first series of projects in spring 1997.
In agreement with Expo 2000, François Confino decided to involve some of the most daring designers, like François Schuiten, Jean Nouvel, Antoni Miralda, Rajeev Sehti, T. Ito and others. Their job is to develop original scenography and staging for each theme.
The aim was to make the Theme Park a place for thought, creation and fantasy so that it would go down as a unique milestone in the history of the Universal Exhibition.

type of achievement  Universal exhibition
client  Expo 2000 Hannover
production  Expo GMBH
location  Exhibition Park, Hannover, Germany
floor space  100 000m2 artistic director
scenographic sets for 2 sectors 12 000m2 (detailed design)
for scenography 
€130 million

The 21st Century: The Boundaries of Ethics