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Los Angeles, USA, 2005-06

An exhibition inspired from Jared Diamond's best-seller to stress how important it is to manage the environment and the dangers of not managing it!
The second temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum after LA Light - Motion - Dreams, Collapse? takes its inspiration from Californian author Jared Diamond's best seller and Pulitzer prize winner. It takes a look at how certain societies have progressed and others collapsed because of the way the environment was managed.
A merciless portrayal of the dramatic situation caused by pollution in Montana and the collapse of the Maya civilization.
It also highlights the excellence of forestry management in Japan and Australia's concerns with agricultural issues.

type of achievement  Temporary exhibition
client  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
partners  Peter Gale, consultant
Peter Kirby, audio-visual production
T.B.Y and M2C1 Montreal, production
location  Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, USA
attendance  1 million visitors per year
floor space  900m2
for scenography 
US$1.7 million