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Oceanliner Museum

Saint-Nazaire, France, 2000

Ocean liners past and present
Saint-Nazaire is the town that gave birth to the France and to many other prestigious ocean liners.
This is why the Town Council decided to open a museum to pay homage to them all. During the Second World War, Saint-Nazaire also had to shelter German submarines in an enormous bunker built by the Nazis.
Indestructible and empty, it took the courage of the Mayor to decide to convert the tragic remains into a cultural venue.
So it was here that François Seigneur and I divided the bunker into two immense areas for each of us to work on. One was to be the outside of an ocean liner, the Grand Large, and the other, the inside of an ocean liner, from the engine room or the hold to the Captain's gangway, not omitting the dining room, the hairdressing saloon and all the cabins.

type of achievement  Permanent exhibition-show
client  Saint-Nazaire Town Council
partner  François Seigneur & Sylvie de La Dure company
production  Saint-Nazaire Town Council
location  Old sub-marine dock, Saint-Nazaire, France
attendance  150 000 visitors per year
floor space  approx. 3 500m2
for scenography & 
€6.7 million

The main dining room