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Cités-Cinés 2

Paris, France, 1995

A celebration of the image: Cinema in the future and new multimedia technology in the city
In 1995, France celebrated the centenary of the Cinema in a chaotic array of small projects.
Agence Confino decided to be its own producer for a new generation of future-oriented Cites-Cines.
Amidst a baroque, underground ambience, visitors found themselves strolling round a futuristic, science-fiction city centre where fantasy and surrealism depicted a strange vision of a perpetually moving world of images, each visitor actor and object becoming an image.
Despite the success reaped from critics and the public, the exhibition had to close before schedule because of the anti-terrorist security plan Vigipirates.

type of achievement  Temporary exhibition
Celebration of the centenary of the Cinema
co-production  Agence Confino - Gedeon - La Colline
location  La Colline, Paris-La Defense, France
attendance  300 000 visitors in 6 months
floor space  5 000m2
for scenography 
€6.1 million

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