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Tokyo Toyota Museum

Tokyo, Japan, 1999

On a new artificial island linked to Tokyo city centre by monorail stands a complex that tells the story of Toyota, its past, present and future, like a triptych: in the centre, an exhibition hall designed by Japanese architects; at one end, a futuristic area designed by French group, Ex Machina, and at the other end a museum designed by François Confino in conjunction with Dentsu Tec.
Toyotas and Eldorado 59 Cadillacs, Jaguars and Porsche 356s are displayed in sets representing the street and the car universe.

type of achievement  Permanent museum
client  Toyota
production  Dentsu Tec
location  Odaïba, Tokyo, Japan
attendance  1.4 million in one year
floor space  4 500m2
for scenography 
& architecture 
€11.4 million

The big garage