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The Neolithic Museum

Bougon, France, 1993

The history of Neolithic civilisation
Efficient project management and a striking piece of team-work between the architect, the curator and the scenographic designers led to the inauguration of Bougon museum just 19 months after the invitations to bid.
Built on one of the most significant sites of the Neolithic Age, the museum is an original eye-opener on a wealth of relics found in archaeological excavations and a well-focused picture of the roots of human civilisation.
Using a selection of key messages, the graphic design of the museum plunges visitors of all ages into thought about our ancestors, encouraging them to question our own way of life.

type of achievement  Permanent museum
client  Deux-Sevres Departmental Council
partner  F. Milou, architect
production  Deux-Sevres Departmental Council
location  Bougon archaeological excavations, France
attendance  80 000 visitors per year
floor space  500m2
budget for 
for scenography 
& architecture 
€5.3 million

Museum entrance